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   Drone services makes it possible to access areas of oil and gas constructions and infrastructure that otherwise may pose health, safety and environmental risks in a fast and safe way. With the emergence of sUAV's in the industry, it is opening up a wide array of possibilities and applications to make sure operations run safely and efficiently.

   Mapping and Data Collection-The sUAV makes it easy to gather information for oil and gas exploration by creating maps with up to centimeter grade accuracy. By using Photogrammatry, drones can create surface models, orthomosiac maps, 3D building models, Contour Maps and Volumetric data. This is valuable information that can be used for a variety of applications. By using the leading software available in the industry, we can provide the information in appropriate deliverables based upon the clients specific needs.

   Visual and Thermal Observation- Inspecting pipelines and other critical infrastructure can be dangerous work. However, sUAVs make it possible for inspectors to not only see greater levels of detail, but to take thermal readings and detect strain, all without risking life and limb while saving on cost for scaffolding, ropes, lifts, helicopters, airplanes and man power. It can also save time and money since inspections can be performed without shutting down production.  Thermal Data gathered by our drones and sensors can be overlaid to give a crisp and clear thermal image of assets being inspected to accurately interpret any potential areas of concern. In combination with a simultaneously run 30x zoom camera, inspections of problem areas can be seen with incredible detail.

    Security and Monitoring- Add an extra layer of security to any facility by monitoring plants, job sites or any other important areas that need constant surveillance. Our pilots patrol the skies and can deliver real time updates straight to the client so they can rest assure that crucial equipment, material and personnel are where they need to be; thus insuring site security and important project deadlines.





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