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Fill up your tanks with filtered fresh water that will give you optimal drilling results. You'll never have to worry about contaminants or debris in any water coming from Frac Water Resources.


Receive a full set of services at our Marianna site

Frac Water Resources is permitted to withdraw 1 million gallons per day from Ten Mile Creek. This site is supplemented with municipal water for larger water requirements and also to provide water for low pass-by flow days.


This withdrawal site is a full service terminal for all of your water pumping needs. Parking is available for trucks and shift changes. We have an on-sight diesel mechanic  to provide preventative maintenance.

Put your water withdrawal in good hands. Let Frac Water Resources handle your withdrawal site with professional crew and equipment. We ensure that you make the most of your investments.

Load up on clean, fresh water

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For competitive prices and superior service, call Frac Water Resources today

Ten Mile Creek Marianna Borough Washington County, PA

Find the Frac Water Resources Marianna site on Ten Mile Creek  in Washington County at:

40° 1' 6" N

-80° 5' 45" W.