Drilling Water Supplier and Drone Services

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Frac Water Resources pays strict attention to all DEP permits and operates according to their guidelines at all times. Accurate records are kept detailing every aspect of the operation and are made available to the customers instantaneously upon request.

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Put your withdrawal site in good hands

Does your business control its own water withdrawal sites? Let Frac Water Resources' staff  operate your location to get the most out of your investments.


We will take care of the labor and equipment and maintain the same high safety and operational standards that we hold ourselves to at our own sites.


Load up at our Allenport or Marianna locations which are both equipped to handle all of your fresh water needs. With ample room for maneuvering trucks and a trained staff, your water requirements will never go unsatisfied.

Stay informed about your water

Don't have your own water withdrawal site?


Make Frac Water Resources a part of your team. Get fast, professional service at a competitive price, with no hidden fees. Our services are available 24 hours a day.


Call today for efficient, accurate management of your withdrawal site

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